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Well, I can back up "the geese are back" comment. They have returned to our campus (aka work) in all their annoying glory. The other day not only did I have to listen to two of them squawk at me while walking past (and let me tell you, they did not sound pleased with me) but I had to avoid all their green turdage. Our campus is a wild life refuge, geese, wildcat, turkeys, deer and one time I even saw a coyote in the parking lot. I kid the readers not.

Dr A

I second (third) you on the geese issue. We don't get them in southern CA, but last fall I was visiting my sister in Denver and took my niece to the local park. The grass had several resting geese on it, and the basket ball court was absolutely COVERED in goose turds.

It was hate at first sight.


I'll be there for the WXXP reunion.

Also, I was a fan of Danny Joe Brown and loved 'Dreams'.

DJ Bird, formally of 100.7 WXXP - Pittsburgh's station that dared to be different.


~thnx for the head's up on the WXXP show, now if they'd only organize a WYYD show that would be killa...~

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